Easy to Administer


Trainees Register Themselves

When you want an employee or manager to train, simply direct them to Opus Training. There the trainee enters your company phone number, their name, the last four digits of their social security number, and their employment type (managerial/non-managerial). They are immediately registered and ready to train.


Complete Testing

Trainees are required to take a test covering the information in every course they take. When a trainee passes a test, you have a strong indication the trainee understands the material presented. You also have compelling evidence that you have taken reasonable care to prevent and eliminate sexual harassment and discrimination in your dealership. If needed, trainees and/or administrators can also print a certificate of successful completion for each course.


Comprehensive Records and Reports

Every significant aspect of your training is tracked and recorded. Every answer to every question on every course for every trainee becomes a part of your company records in Opus Training. You can view and print reports quickly and easily in a wide variety of ways – including by employee, employee type, course, and time frame. These records and reports are available online to the authorized administrator 24/7. Company records can even be exported as a .CSV (comma separated values) file and opened in programs such as Microsoft Excel.


Provides Critical Documentation

One of the key components of an effective sexual harassment and discrimination prevention program is the maintenance of proper records. Opus Training provides easy administration of trainee tests, records and reports – critical documentation if you ever have a sexual harassment claim or lawsuit.


Access Anytime, Anywhere

Opus Training provides quick, easy, and intuitive access to the features of the training system as well as the information you need about your trainees. You can access these features and information at any time from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.


Why Opus?

Opus Training has been helping automotive dealerships protect themselves from claims and lawsuits involving sexual harassment and discrimination since 2001. We've trained well over 1,000,000 employees in thousands of dealerships over the last 20 years. Opus provides auto dealer specific training with comprehensive records and reports that contribute significantly to protecting your dealership.

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